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Nordic Community for Fast Steel Heat Treatments Community Results.

Here are listed the academic articles produced by the University of Oulu Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) research group in the InTeMP project.

Järvenpää A & Karjalainen L P An overview of mechanical properties of today's grain-refined austenitic stainless steels presented at ESSC2019 conference (November 2018)

Remes K Järvenpää A & Fabritius TContactless online characterization of large-area conductive thin films by thermography and induction Optics Letters 44 (2019) pp 2574-2577

Farahani M, Zarei-Hanzaki A, Abedi H R, Kim J, Jaskari M, Sahu P & Karjalainen L P On the activation of alternated stacking fault pair twinning mechanism in a very large-grained Fe-29Mn-2.4Al steel Scripta Materialia vol 178 (2020) pp 301-306

Babu S R, Nyyssönen T, Jaskari M, Pallaspuro S, Järvenpää A, Davis T P, Kömi J & Portrer D Observations on the Relationship between Crystal Orientation and the Level of Auto-Tempering in an As-Quenched Martensitic Steel Metals 9 (2019) 1255

Vakili S, Zarei-Hanzaki A, Anooshe A, Abedi H R, Mohammadebrahimi M, Jaskari M, Sohn S, Ponge D & Karjalainen L P Reversible dislocation movement, martensitic transformation and nano-twinning during elastic cyclic loading of a metastable high entropy alloy Acta Materialia vol 185 (2019) pp 474-492

Babu S R, Davis T P, Haas T, Järvenpää A, Kömi J & Karjalainen L P Image Processing Tool Quantifying Auto-Tempered Carbides in As-Quenched Low Carbon Martensitic Steels Metals 10 (2020) 171

Järvenpää A, Jaskari M, Kisko A & Karjalainen L P Processing and Properties of Reversion-Treated Austenitic Stainless Steels Metals 10 (2020) 281