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The NorFaST-HT Community is an open forum for industry, and new beneficiaries are always welcome to join! InTeMP project includes industrial forum workpackage, where companies can share and obtain knowledge related to induction heat treatments and new members can join into the forum. Community is also open for new industry related project ideas and seeks industrial partners for projects constantly.

High Frequency Induction Technology for advanced Materials Processing (InTeMP) began in August of 2019 to continue the work that NorFaST-HT started.

The InTeMP project reinforces the research facilities of the community and research cooperation between the Nordic countries. The aim is to develop new cost-efficient manufacturing processes to reduce the carbon footprint of the steel industry, but also to create laboratory scale research environments to study extremely short heat treatment cycles (less than 0.1 seconds) for fundamental understanding. InTeMP is funded by Interreg Nord of the European Regional Development Fund. InTeMP project consists of the academic partners University of Oulu Future Manufacturing Technologies research group, Lund University, Swerim Luleň, and industrial partners SSAB, MagComp, TL Solutions, RAKJ, Teknikum, Recion and Miilux.

The project is funded by the Regional Council of Lapland together with the Interreg Nord Programme of the European Regional Development Fund.