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The NorFaST-HT Community News

June 8th, 2020

The frames for the two research induction lines have been assembled and next be painted. First tests on the line mechanics are planned for August. One of the lines being built will be placed in Nivala, and the other at the Lund University.

The Swedish partners have performed the first induction technology experiments with two parallel connected power sources successfully. Development on the heating technology will continue with redesigning few of the components in order to improve the equipment efficiency.

Once the mechanical testing and new version of heating technology are ready, the machinery will be installed onto the induction line and research work can get started. In the first phase the research line will be fitted with a two-power source induction apparatus with a total power of 30 kW. The University of Oulu will focus on material research, whilst the main purpose for the line at then Lund University is to operate as a test line for the heating technology development itself.

March 17th, 2020

InTeMP's work started last fall with the designing of the new induction line for research purposes. This line is now in the process of being built. First experiments on it will likely take place in May, if no setbacks occur in the schedule. Lund university is also currently developing a new type of high frequency induction technique for the research induction line. The technique is currently in the preliminary testing phase.