Smart Green Building Expo at Dublin City West Exhibition Centre 14-3-19

European Energy Poverty Conference 2018

Members of our project attended the Europoean Energy Poverty Conference on March 29th in Dublin, Ireland. The Conference was hosted by Energy Action Limited. Speakers at the conference discussed current issues and possible solutions concerning European fuel poverty. Markku Kananen, the project manager the H-CHP project, was one of the speakser dicussing how collaboration between countries through EU-funded projects can deliver practical and novel solutions for energy poverty.

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What is E-lighthouse?

The elighthouse project will support actions that increase the energy efficiency and uptake of renewable energy in buildings and thus contribute to the decrease in carbon dioxide emissions from the building sector.

Our goal is to support and follow-up the retrofit of more than 250 public buildings. In the private sector with the consultation of building supervisory authorities, the project aims to influence the decision makers (of energy efficiency) of 2500 domestic retrofits and 2000 new residential houses.

Improved local and regional monitoring methodologies and practices would greatly enhance the effectiveness. The e-Lighthouse project will tackle this problem by providing guidelines and tools to reliably and efficiently calculate those important figures annually. By showing good examples of good codes-of-conduct such as citizen engagement, e-Lighthouse partners will encourage other local and regional organizations to sign the new joint Covenant of Mayors, to commit to energy saving at the political decision-making level.

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