I2AM Contact Information

Finland: University of Oulu - Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) Group
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-- Development Manager Kari Mäntyjärvi, kari.mantyjarvi(at)oulu.fi
-- Research Director Antti Järvenpää, antti.jarvenpaa(at)oulu.fi

Sweden: Luleå Technical University - Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics - Manufacturing Systems Engineering
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-- Associate Professor Jan Frostevarg, jan.frostevarg(at)ltu.se

Norway: UiT The Arctic University of Norway - Department of Industrial Engineering - The Intelligent Manufacturing and Logistics research group
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-- Professor Wei Deng Solvang, wei.d.solvang(at)uit.no
-- PhD Fellow Mathias Sætebø, mathias.saterbo(at)uit.no

Ireland: Atlantic Technological University - ATU Sligo - PEM Research Centre
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-- Academic Director Dr. David Tormey, david.tormey(at)atu.ie

Iceland: The University of Iceland - The faculty of industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science
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-- Head of the faculty, Professor Rúnar Unnþórsson, runson(at)hi.is

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