The Nordic Community for Fast Steel Heat Treatments (NorFast-HT)

NorFast-HT community focuses on creating a better world by decreasing the environmental load caused by steel manufacturing, fabrication and use of steel-based applications. The target of the research is to develop new technologies and processes for producing high-performance steel grades and products utilizing efficient green manufacturing, work-shop practices and newest experimental research findings. The Community has unique facilities and expertise for both industry-related and academic steel research. The Community, presented by certain Finnish and Swedish universities, research organizations and companies, covers the whole chain from raw materials to manufacturing, fabrication and use of final end products.

Currently the community has one ongoing project, High Frequency Induction Technology for advanced Materials Processing, or InTeMP.

Latest Community News:

May 17th, 2022

InTeMP will participate arranging FMT DAY event in Nivala 17.05.2022. The theme day of the Future Manufacturing Technologies (FMT) research group of the Kerttu Saaalasti Institute of University of Oulu will focus on the rapid heat treatments made possible by modern induction heating technology and their utilization.

The content of the event to be held at Nivala Technology Center Nitek (Tupa Hall, Pajatie 5, 85500 Nivala) will be divided this time into the Finnish and afternoon English sections. ELME Studio Open Doors 8: 15-11: 00 and e.g. induction line demo in the afternoon. It is also possible to follow the event remotely.

Check out the program and schedule of the event in more detail in the invitation or at event website.

The event is free and open to everyone. Coffee service!

Registrations by May 13, 2022 to

When registering, please indicate whether you will attend the event remotely or on site. We will send a participation link to remote participants the day before the event.

Warm Welcome!

May 2-3th, 2022

Second induction line was transported and istalled into LUND. Installation was completed during first day and second day was used for training. Line will serve as a test unit for developing more efficient high frequency induction system.

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