Nordic Community for Fast Steel Heat Treatments Community Results

InTeMP Results

InTeMP was begun with designing of the new induction line cabaple for extremely fast heat treatments in august 2019. It was decided that two similar lines will be built, and one will be placed into Nivala and another into Lund. Construction of the line were begun in the beginning of 2020 and first tests with the mechanical assembly were performed January 2021. New induction system developed by Lund was installed into the line and tested in april 2021.

Development of the high frequency induction system has been ongoing by Lund. The system is based on 15 kW power units, which can be combined to form more powerful system. Currently a 30 kW system is installed into Nivala line and 60 kW system is prepared to be installed into Nivala in the beginning of 2022.

Research on the flux conductor materials suitable for the high frequency induction to increase heating efficiency has been one case study in the InTeMP. Another studied case has been development of freely shaped heating coil made by 3D-printing. Unfortunately the first iteration of the coil was porous and leaking making testing it in actual heating impossible, but the consept is promising

Current wor in the InTeMP is focused on research with the now operational induction line. First tests show that the new line is performing excellent according the plans and it will serve well in its purpose. Additional work will be still required before actual results from the heated materials can be published.

NorFast-HT Results

The Community has executed its first project (NorFaST-HT, 2015-2018, funded by Interreg Nord) that was focused on establishing the community and research facilities. Materials engineering research included a few industrial cases concerning hardening and tempering of carbon steels, manufacturing of bulk ferritic stainless steel and developing of a novel processing route for new ultra-high-strength austenitic stainless steels. A new technology was also developed intended to bulk-scale tempering processes, in particular. The NorFaST-HT project results are summarized in the final technical report, which you can read here.

Scientific publications

Many employees working for the community projects are university researchers and the part of their work is to publish found results as scientific articles. Below you can find the collections of scientific articles that have been written thanks to the researchers working in the NorFaST-HT community.

Published articles

Check out the project's site on ResearchGate

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